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Suspension and chassis
Suspension and chassis

Race tested control arm bushings made of special extra wear resistant self-lubricated polymer. Control your suspension movements on single axis arms with solid type bushings and prevent camber changes due to bushing deflection. Our solid racing bushings for your vehicle will eliminate unwanted suspension geometry changes such as camber caused by deflection of rubber or polyurethane bushings. Stock rubber on most cars can cause camber changes up to 0.6 degree. Polyurethane replacements do not eliminate this problem due to the fact that they are too soft and still compress under loads of the suspension.

Our solid bushings completely control this situation by maintaining the proper alignment of your suspension; they also reduce to 0 the changes in camber caused by deflection.

Orijin Motorsports presents you the only cost-wise solution to complete and total control of your suspension. Our bushings will give you more control of your car. Suspension becomes more firm where it is supposed to be and you can feel the difference with a simple steering wheel exercise. The more control you have on the vehicle's suspension, the quickest you can react and input changes.

Lubricants dispertion Our race bushings are made of high quality materials and close tolerances. CNC machined for perfect fitment and precise geometry. They also only require very little time for installation and maintenance, thus maybe be swapped or replace within minimal time which can be critical in racing environment. Wear rate of our bushings is 54 times less than acetal bushings ( Delrin®). Each micron of surface that is worn out liberates special formulated lubricants that help maintain proper lubrication and temperature on bushing contact surfaces.

Also eliminates bushing resistance on control arm movements due to a change in the ride height of the car without "resetting" the bushing's sleeve to proper alignment. Restore your old worn out factory rubber bushings with fresh long lasting solid type bushings!!

- Control suspension movements
- Remove unwanted camber changes due to bushing deflection
- Improved sensation of steering and slip angles
- Controlled camber helps tire wear
- Long life with proper lubrication
- Legal for most classes of racing ... non metallic replacement with better performance than soft bushings

Image is not of actual kit but a representation

- Complete 22 bushings kit for total control of your suspension!!
- Replaces all the control arms principal bushings
- Outperform all available complete kits

available SOON!
Please notice that all of our products are for off-road use only!!

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