Mail order information
Gather information...
To place an order by phone or email, please gather all the required information before sending any messages.

Required information
- Product number from our website
- Your application details ( brand, chassis, use of product... )
- Shipping information so we can send you the products

Total prices including shipping will be determined by us after the receipt of the email.
DO not send payment before you have received our authorization.
We will email you back with the correct information to make your payment and a copy of your order that you will need to accept.
Accepted payment methods:
- USPS money order
- Canada Post money order
- Canada Post COD express post ( only for Canadian residents)
- Any other method needs to be confirmed by us

If you do not provide a correct method of payment we will not accept the order.!!

To place an order please click on the link below :

Please notice that all of our products are for off-road use only!!
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